Georgy Kryuchkov the Chairman of Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense mentioned that it would be impossible not to listen to the opinion of Ukrainian people who are by a majority against of Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

“Firstly, if Ukraine is thought to be democratic state it must face the people’s will. All polls demonstrate that the majority of Ukrainian citizens stand against NATO membership and it must not be ignored. But would the power conduct a referendum perfectly realizing its negative result?” said Kryuchkov in response to the question what are pros and cons of NATO membership for Ukraine.

“Secondly, it should be taken account that NATO is the reality. It is the most effective military and political structure. Nobody is permitted to ignore it that is why we should to cooperate with it. In order to justify the membership, everybody is taught about the collective security,” mentioned Kryuchkov the deputy of Verkhovna Rada.

According to the deputy, Russia has nothing against Ukraine’s membership in NATO. “But President Putin pledges to change his policy towards Ukraine especially in the military-industrial complex,” stated Kryuchkov.


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