During Saturday governmental deliberations Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov called upon Cabinet members to gear up for the budgetary process.

As Yekhanurov said, Government members must provide answers to the lawmakers' questions about the 2006 budget bill.

This is a common document, Yekhanurov cautioned the session, which is why Government members should bring their questions and doubts to the Finance Ministry.

According to Yekhanurov, the Parliament has got about 6,000 remarks and suggestions with regard to the budget bill.

Touching on the Government's transparency, Prime Minister said this principle implies the public's full informedness about the Government's actions and plans, rather than Government members' frequent live personal TV appearance.

According to Yekhanurov, schedules will be drafted for weekly dissemination of information about particular minister's activities or a government committee's activities.

After Cabinet sessions bulletins will be circulated in which ministers' commentaries will be featured Cabinet sessions' agendas will be circulated beforehand, though the Cabinet's sessions will be held behind closed doors, as usual.


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