As Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov told a government session on Saturday, President Victor Yushchenko has decided on the Cabinet's composition.

"I've talked the subject over with the President this morning", Mr Yekhanurov noted, "and on Saturday afternoon the new Cabinet's formation will be completed."

According to the Prime Minister, President Yushchenko is contemplating to attend the Cabinet's session on Wednesday, October 5.

"All of us must be ready to articulate their opinions with regard to the Government's work," Yekhanurov told the gathering, Cabinet's press office reported.

"In turn, the President will tell us about his vision of the Government in the general system," Yekhanurov noted.

In the Prime Minister's opinion, the Government will have make decisions about regional administrations' chairpersons by October 10 or 11.

As Yuri Yekhanurov told the session, a special working group, headed by Vice Premier Roman Bezsmertny, are checking into the regional governors' activities.

Then we will decide who will continue working with us and who will have to quit, the Prime Minister noted.


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