Victor Yushchenko called the Cabinet’s and President’s Secretariat dismissals were “the serious tests” even for the supporters of the new power.

“Ukraine has got open and frank discussion and not only political one for the first time,” stated President.

President also proved that the possible drop in power’s rate was not the tragedy. “The last eight months the nation was in the deep political knock down by the radical solutions of the situations happened in Ukrainian politics. There are lots of reasons of poor information concerning these situations and solutions that is why people do not have an opportunity to take a definite position towards the events occurring in society,” said Yushchenko.

He is sure that the steps and actions of the new government are “need to be explained to everyone for Ukrainians not to listen to the rumors and legends.”

“It is not the one-day deal,” stated President of Ukraine positively assessing the role of Ukrainian journalists who “tried to find out what really happened in Ukrainian political life.”


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