The General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine accused Timoshenko’s government and Ministry of Emergency Control of violation presidential commission to remove chemical waste out of Transcarpathian. The press service of the General Prosecutor reported about it.

In March 2005 the General Office of Public Prosecution of Ukraine brought a criminal case on the fact of land and atmosphere pollution by the chemical waste of the 1st class of danger. The portion of the chemical waste of such danger was packed in sacks and situated by Ozon private enterprise on the open platforms in Zakarpatye region. The location of the rest of the waste is under the search.

President of Ukraine charged the Cabinet with the liquidation of the ecological threat and with the search of the rest of the waste for several times. The General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine addressed two times to Ukrainian Minister for Emergency Control David Zhvania to assume the measures.

However, neither the Cabinet nor Ministry for Emergency Control fulfilled the commission of President of Ukraine. Nothing was done for prevention of the ecological catastrophe.

The General Office of Public Prosecutor has turned to Yuri Yekhanurov with the demand to assume urgent measures for suppression of crime and to call to account the guilty persons.


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