Yuri Yekhanurov promised that Cabinet will make peace with oligarchs in two weeks. PM said the forthcoming reconciliation is scheduled for the middle of October. During a meeting President Yushchenko and PM will try to find an individual approach to every Ukrainian oligarch.

And for successful “campaign” Yekhanurov will ask blessing of Moscow metropolitan Aleksiy II, while visiting Russia.

On the eve Yekhanurov visited Svyato-Troitsky Cathedral and got the blessing of Dnipropetrovsk and Pavlograd metropolitan Iriney.

Besides, Yekhanurov declared that several governors will be removed from their offices.

“Next week will be devoted to thorough examination of governors’ work. Against the results of the working group, headed by Roman Bezsmertnny, there will be correspondent staff changes,” said Yekhanurov. According to him, the first, who will be dismissed, are those governors, who do not have authority over citizens. Within this, Yekhanurov did not specify who will determine the level of the authority.


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