Yulia Timoshenko brought her rules in politics: to be in good form always and everywhere. During the period of her office as PM of Ukraine she changed more than 200 suits, majority of which are from well-known French fashion designer Louis Vuitton.

The newspaper “Argument” decided to find out whether the new PM Yuri Yekhanurov is going to play the same rules.

Who is Yekhanurov’s designer? Which clothes does new PM prefer?

These questions were asked to Yekhanurov’s press secretary Valentin Mandrievsky.

“Yuri Yekhanurov does not turn to fashion designers at all - neither Ukrainian nor foreign ones,” said press secretary of PM. “Yekhanurov buys clothes by himself and does shopping in ordinary shops. He does not have enough time to be in. His primary occupation is work for the welfare of Ukraine. He spends his free time going to the theatre,” added Valentin Mandrievsky.

Let’s suppose that such “fashion austerity” of Yekhanurov as a PM will not last too long - the secret is to get a taste for it. Moreover, Yekhanurov’s tax return consists of pretty much sum of money than Timoshenko’s ones.

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Mikhail Voronin, modeler. Shirt with cuffs will underline individuality.

Modern man should think over his image and clothes. The most suitable clothes for the Ukrainian PM are plain, but very smart suit with two buttons. The ideal addition to it is a shirt with cuffs, which underlines individuality. The obligatory garment is a cravat.

Rusha Polyakova, modeler. The clearness is the pledge of success

The appearance of the person holding high position in the society must not be defiant. The business custom must be observed at all official events. And only during the high routs they may relax and dress stylish wear or what ever they want. The suit of the prominent politicians must be only neat and clean.


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