The ex-Secretary of National Security and Defense Council Petr Poroshenko gained the control on three large enterprises of Moldova: Gemini Joint-Stock Company, Bukuria Joint-Stock Company, Kishinev Glass-Works Joint-Stock Company. Poroshenko did it using offshore technology, Alexander Turchinov reveal this data I the interview for Segodnya (Today) newspaper.

“From the beginning there were trust created, then the control packets of shares were given to companies which were created in offshore zones. The money was transferred form Moldova to offshore situated in Cyprus and Panama,” said Turchinov.

According to Turchinov, there are lots of the letters signed by Poroshenko. “I think the investigation will give an objective estimation to these documents,” mentioned the ex-Head of Security Service of Ukraine.

As a reminder, General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine submitted petition to General Office of Prosecutor of Ukraine. Ukraine requested to check or to deny the facts exposing Poroshenko revealed by Alexander Zinchenko.


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