The people’s attitude to officials changed for the last half of the year, as reported by Irene Bekeshkina, supervisor of Democratic Initiatives Fund.

“People’s attitude to politicians has changed, as well as attitude towards situation in the country in general,” underlined Bekeshkina, ForUm’s correspondent informs.

Bekeshkina mentioned that the ratings of public opinion resemble those of Kuchma times. According to her, at the end of September of 2005 61% of respondents consider that the country goes in wrong direction.

The main result of the last events in Ukraine is that “when two lions fight, other animals can get their prey. Yanukovich for example,” as considers Bekeshkina.

She reckons that Vladimir Litvin and Alexander Moroz also benefited from the fight.

In Bekeshkina’s opinion, Yanukovich’s electorate will not change after the signing of Memorandum of cooperation with Yushchenko, but President’s electorate can change in Western Ukraine.

She also pointed out that Yushchenko’s and Timoshenko’s ratings have fallen down to that percent level, which was before the presidential election.


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