Today Viktor Yushchenko President of Ukraine has signed the number of decrees concerning the appointment to the Cabinet of Ukraine. The final staff of the Cabinet is following:

Stanislav Stashevsky – the first vice-Premier of Ukraine;

Roman Bezsmertny – vice-Premier of Ukraine;

Vyacheslav Kirilenko – vice-Premier of Ukraine;

Viktor Baloga – Minister for Emergency Control and Protection of the Population form the Sequences of Chernobyl;

Alexander Baranivsky – Minister of Agrarian Policy;

Bogdan Butsa – Minister of the cabinet of Ukraine;

Anatoly Gritsenko – Minister of Defense of Ukraine;

Pavel Ignatenko – Minister of Ecology;

Yuri Lucenko – Minister of Internal Affairs;

Stanislav Nikolaenko – Minister of Education and Science;

Yuri Pavlenko – Minister on Family and Sport;

Ivan Plachkov – Minister of Fuel and Energy;

Ivan Sakhan – Minister of Labor and Social Policy;

Boris Tarasuk – Minister for Foreign Affairs;

Viktor Topolov – Minister of Coal Industry;

Vladimir Shandra – Minister of Industrial Policy;

Arseny Yatsenyuk – Minister of Economy;

Anatoly Kinakh – Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine;

Yuri Ekhanurov – Prime Minister of Ukraine.


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