Heza McGill International Amnesty Reporter on Ukraine made the report “Ukraine. Time to act: Tortures and Cruel Treatment towards Detained Persons in Ukrainian Police.” She states that International Amnesty is alarmed with registered cases of tortures and cruel treatment in Ukrainian custody.

According to her words, suspected persons, witnesses, any persons connected with investigation process or even innocent people can be tortured by Ukrainian police.

Her report points out the fact that law enforcement agencies regularly beat the confessions and evidences out of the arrested persons by tortures.

McGill reported that Viktor Yushchenko President of Ukraine admitted that interior agencies use tortures. He “precisely expressed his wish to make Ukraine closer to the EU.” The new government pledged to change the existed system of criminal legal proceedings and to make it corresponding to international documents.

In response to the questions, McGill stated that in case if Ukrainian power does not pay any attention on demands made by International Amnesty, Ukraine will lose prestige in the world.


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