Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov will visit Brussels, Belgium on October 6, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Vasily Philipchuk told a Tuesday news briefing. According to him, Yuri Yekhanurov will meet with EU, EuroParliament and EuroCommission leaders and will take part in the conference "Ukraine Looks in the Future: on the Way of Reforms".

As the Foreign Ministry spokesman said, the conference is devoted to developments in Ukraine in the context of economic policies, particularly, Ukraine's relations with the EU.

Ukrainian government members will participate in the conference with a view of discussing matters of taxation, privatization, macroeconomic trends, monetary policies and Ukraine - EU bipartite cooperation.

High representatives of EU Institutions will also take floor and offer their comments.

The conference is to create proper conditions for discussion of key issues in the context of reforms and economic component of the Ukraine - EU Action Plan.


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