President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has become first winner of a new British award for contribution to improvement of international relations.

The award was been established by the London Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is also known as the Chatham House. Among several candidates President Victor Yushchenko has been selected through voting, in which leaders, staffers and members of the Chatham House participated.

As Chatham House Director Victor Bulmer-Thomas noted by way of grounding the choice, Victor Yushchenko's achievement, as a State leader, is his victory in the political revolution in his native land and cooperation with neighboring states, who strove to influence the political and economic life in Ukraine. As he added, his flexibility in building relations with other countries made Ukraine, as a key state in Eastern Europe and the paramount neighbor of Russia, not to cause serious complication of relations between Russia and Western Europe.

The decoration ceremony will be held in the residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Mansion House, on October 17. The award will be presented to the Ukrainian President by Queen Elizabeth II. President Yushchenko and wife of the British Prime Minister Cherie Blair are expected to deliver their speeches at the ceremony.


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