Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko declares that BYuT will not form any bloc with Party of Regions for participation in the parliamentary elections-2006.

“We will take part separately,” said Timoshenko on “1+1” TV channel.

“It is annoying that after my dismissal form the PM post Victor Yushchenko’s team declared that Timoshenko would go and form a bloc with Party of Regions and SDPU (u).

But in reality, it turned out that it was Victor Andreevich and his team, who blocked with Yanukovich,” said Timoshenko meaning the Memorandum on cooperation between the power and the opposition.

Ex-PM considers the signature of memorandum a “disappointment” of East and West of Ukraine.

“People are disappointed in Eastern as well as in Western Ukraine, as the real subject of the agreement is unknown,” said Timoshenko.

According to her words” the agreement between Yushchenko and Yanukovich became an extreme surprise. The first question I asked myself was: What for did we make the revolution? Why did we fight so long to realize at the end that these two politicians are able to form a single team?”


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