As Nickolay Tomenko Ex-Vice Prime Minister told a Monday press conference in Kiev, 90 percent of Reforms and Order Party members are against working in the new government.
If Victor Pynzenyk (acting Minister of Finance) decides to retain his post in the new government, I will withdraw from the party, which he heads, the ex-vice premier told the press conference.
In Tomenko's opinion, Pynzenyk will have to either terminate his office as Finance Minister or withdraw from the Reforms and Order Party.

Tomenko forecasted the Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko will gain most votes during the 2006 parliamentary elections.

According to Tomenko, the BYuT will gain the first place and will be followed by Regions of Ukraine. The People's Party of Litvin, the Socialist Party of Moroz and Our Ukraine will compete for the third place, he believes.


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