Victor Yushchenko urges all politicians not to speculate on oil and gas. He promised that Ukraine would not have such problems.

President is convinced that some people can “inflame” this situation being professionally unaware of the actual state of affairs. He believes there are no reasons to think that Ukraine will not sign an annual protocol to import Russian gas.

The Head of State stressed that the government had reached mutual understanding with its foreign partners. He informed all that he had negotiated this subject with the Russian Economy Minister and President Vladimir Putin. He also said Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov would discuss it during his visit to Russia.

“We hope we will come to terms with the Russian Federation,” said President.

He added that Ukraine had a clear and fundamental position in the oil and gas field.

Speaking about a gas transportation consortium, Yushchenko noted, “we will appreciate all initiatives to develop our gas transportation system.”

“We are ready to cooperate with our colleagues to modernize existing gas pipelines and construct new ones,” he said.

The Head of State stressed that Ukraine in its turn expected adequacy from all countries that supply gas to Ukraine. President told those present that Kazakhstan had recently successfully tendered to construct an oil pipeline to the Pivdenny terminal. Kazakhstan will also own one refinery terminal in Ukraine and an oil generating station to export energy to the Balkans and other European countries. President said one of our companies would privatize Kazakhstan’s biggest refinery. Yushchenko said Ukraine would thus have its own oil and gas abroad.


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