Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine must make for the “Gongadze’s case” to be considered in Court before parliamentary elections, as said by Alexander Moroz, the leader of faction of Socialistic Party of Ukraine.

Speaking in the Parliament Friday, Moroz underlined that “the case should be delivered to Court before elections in order to stop further political profiteering on this subject.”

Leader of SPU reminded that VR have listened the report of temporal investigative commission charged with this case and have stated a corresponding decision. According to him, those material, which were collected during investigation and delivered to General Office of Public Prosecutor, are enough to start examination in Court.

“It is paradoxically, that VR considers the work of the investigative commission successful, the essence of the crime is known to the society, but law machinery is in a hurry to deliver the case to Court,” ppointed out the deputy.


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