Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov has declared his income for 2004 year in the amount of 154 thousand 535 UAH.

According to the statement, Yekhanurov’s income has made 55980 UAH – salary, 74428 UAH – income from alienation of securities and corporate rights, 15312 UAH – dividend, percents, royalty; 5366 UAH – welfare and 3449 UAH – income from scientific, magistral and creative activity.

Family members income for 2004 has made 74 thousand 50 UAH.

According to the statement, neither Yekhanurov nor his family members have any financial commitment abroad.

Yuri Yekhanurov has own apartment measuring 76.6 cubic meters, the car Toyota Rav 4; his family members have a lot measuring one thousand cubic meters.

Yekhanurov has 130164 UAH on bank accounts, his family – 38846 UAH.

The income statement has been filled in September 15, 2005.


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