Victor Yanukovich, the leader of the opposition Party of the Regions, has explained on his website why the Regions of Ukraine parliamentary fraction voted in favor of approval of Yuri Yekhanurov as the prime minister of Ukraine on Thursday.

Among other things, Yanukovich said that important agreements were reached before the parliamentary vote.

Yanukovich said that he, President Victor Yuschenko and Yekhanurov signed a memorandum of mutual understanding between the government and the opposition and that this memorandum was a real step toward implementation of political reform.

Yanukovich said that the memorandum provided for starting constructive dialogue between the opposition and the government, including the joint drafting of a strategy for overcoming the current crisis and putting Ukraine on the road to development into a prosperous society, civil harmony, and consolidation of political forces.

He stressed the importance of the memorandum's provision on implementation of political reform, avoidance of political repression against the opposition, and urgent amendment of the law on the status of local council deputies with the aim of regulating the procedures for bringing legal action against local council deputies.

The memorandum also states the agreement between the two sides on transparent formation of the government with the involvement of representatives of all parliamentary fractions and on the basis of separation of business from government.

According to Yanukovich, the memorandum confirmed that the government and the opposition are capable of placing the interests of the country and the people ahead their own ambitions and disagreements.


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