President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and chairman of Party of Regions Victor Yanukovich signed a memorandum on cooperation of the power and the opposition, as parliamentary faction of Party of Regions - “Regions of Ukraine – has supported the candidature of Yuri Yekhanurov for the post of PM of Ukraine.

Alexander Perlushenko, a representative of the faction “Regions of Ukraine”, reported to journalists that the memorandum determines principles of cooperation between the power and the opposition. The deputy underlined that “”Regions of Ukraine” has never been in opposition to the people and its problems, and that the Memorandum will let the faction to put forward proposals to find way out from the political and economic crises.

Peklushenko also confirmed that “Regions of Ukraine” will not take part in formation of the new government.

As a reminder, today, during the voting for Yuri Yekhanurov’s candidature on the post of PM of Ukraine, parliamentary faction of Party of Regions has sworn in Yuri Yekhanurov as Prime Minister of Ukraine with its full complement - 50 deputies.


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