The resignation of the previous Govt was caused not only by political reasons, but mainly by economic considerations, Viktor Yushchenko said at the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday.

According to him, the Government has managed to meet four important social criteria, that is to increase salaries to budgetary employees by 57 percent, for the first time to bring pensions to the minimum of subsistence, to increase juvenile payments three to four times and increase allowances to mothers 5 to 11 times.

But, there were "negative shifts" in economic processes. According to the President, GDP paces slowed down by 2.32 times, the industrial and agricultural output decreased respectively 2.4fold and 1.7fold. Furthermore, Ukraine's trade turnover fell from 2.6 bn USD to 118 m. USD. The President also cited some other figures, testifying to the former Government's insufficient politics.


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