Acting PM of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov is addressing the parliament before the voting on his candidature on the post of PM of Ukraine.

Yekhanurov declares that hid government will work within the frameworks of strategical course to Eurointegration and, at the same time, will look for new forms of integration within frameworks of Common Economic Area.

“Directing to defense of Ukraine’s interests, the government will realize strategical course to European integration. We will look for new forms of integration of markets and capitals within frameworks of Common Economic Area. Everything will be decided by pragmatic and mutual advantage,” declared Yekhanurov.

He underlined that the government intends to pay “higher attention” to development of cooperation with the next-door neighbours – Russia and Poland.

The candidate for the post of PM also promises “to resume operation of governmental committees, during sessions of which it will be conducted preliminary considerations and coordination of main issues.”

He also added that the meetings of such committees will be held with the assistance of people’s deputies and public organizations.

As a reminder, Yulia Timoshenko terminated activity of governmental committees in order to not distract ministers from their primary duties.

Yuri Yekhanurov also calls Verkhovna Rada to support Ukraine’s entering World Trade Organization.


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