30-minute break has been announced in Verkhovna Rada for taking consultations before voting on appointment Yuri Yekhanurov on the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine.

As VR Chairman Litvin said, such offer has been proposed by the factions BYuT and “Common Ukraine”.

As a reminder, eight factions declared about their support the candidature of Yuri Yekhanurov. These are “Our Ukraine”, “People’s Party”, Socialistic Party of Ukraine, “Go ahead, Ukraine”, People’s Movement of Ukraine, “Labour Ukraine” People’s Democratic Party, Party of Industrials and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, Ukrainian People’s Party. Totally they amount 202 deputies.

Four factions unambiguously declared they will not vote for the candidature of Yekhanurov. These are Communistic Party of Ukraine, Regions of Ukraine, Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko and SDPU (u). Totally they amount 169 deputies.

Factions of Party of Reforms and Order (15 deputies) and “Common Ukraine” (19 deputies) say they have not made their mind yet, though earlier they denied any possibility to support Yekhanurov.

There are also 23 out-of-faction deputies, votes of which can be divided.

Yuri Yekhanurov needs 226 “for” votes to be appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine.


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