An annual ten-day OSCE conference on human rights started in Warsaw, the Foreign Ministry's press-service informed.
The results of the OSCE's activity on human rights are to be considered. During two week's time, the OSCE state-members delegations are supposed to hold an open discussion on democracy, law and human rights, ethnic minorities' rights.
A series of workshops will be held to tackle such subjects as honest and democratic elections, national, religion and sex discrimination, freedom of expression and the independent media.
The Warsaw OSCE conference is the first the OSCE is holding after the Orange Revolution.
The Ukrainian delegation, headed by Ukraine's ambassador to Poland Ihor Kharchenko, consists of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Justice Ministry, the Ministry for Home Affairs, the Ministry of Sport and Youth, Ukraine's state television and radio, the State Committee for nationalities and migration. 
Ukraine is supposed to familiarize the attendants with the current situation, achievements and obstacles to be overcome in the said area.
The next year program is supposed to be elaborated within the framework of the conference.

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