Sunday, September 18, a protest action “Love is against homosexuality” was held in Kiev, in Khreshchatic Street. Participants of the action aim to familiarize the community with risk of homosexuality. Their main slogans read “There can not be unisexual love, “Deliverance from homosexuality is possible”.

Demonstrators distributed about three thousand leaflets, which say about true essence of homosexuality and give answers to the questions: how get rid of homosexuality, why does Christianity consider homosexuality a sin, what to do to prevent development of homosexual orientation of a child.

Participants of the action paid special attention to homosexuality and AIDS as closely connected occurrences.

“Activists of gey-movement almost always keep silence about statistics of the disease among geys and about consequences of this phenomenon. In fact, they hide this information,” said one of the organizers of the protest action Andrey Novokhatny. He also stated that the problem of homosexuality propaganda is a matter of national security of any country.

Ruslan Kukharchuk, the initiator and organizer of the action is convinced that such actions must be held in all big cities of the country. “We must lay the foundation of healthy society by common efforts. Both Church and public organizations should bend every effort to popularization of Christian ethic and defense of family institute.”


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