President thinks Ukraine approaches WTO according to plan.
“Ukraine is approaching the WTO according to the plan and will soon become a WTO member,” said Yushchenko at a press conference in Philadelphia. He noted that Ukraine had negotiated with the European Union and the United States and considered all formalities. Yushchenko also said Ukraine had signed all bilateral agreements and would soon sign a protocol for mutual access to markets with the USA.

The Head of State thinks the Verkhovna Rada had approved the most controversial WTO bills. He stressed that he expected the Rada to support some other WTO initiatives.

Yushchenko also noted that in one month international experts would formally consider all obligations Ukraine assumes to enter into WTO.

The President noted that it was very important for Ukraine to hold a Ukraine-EU summit on December 1 to discuss these problems.

At a press conference in Philadelphia President alsotouched upon the question of anti-Semitism. Victor Yushchenko said there was no problem of anti-Semitism and xenophobia in Ukraine.

“I am in earnest about anti-Semitism. We demonstrate this kind of attitude to all nations because Ukraine is a European state which responds in a European civilized way to all problems that emerge in society,” he said.

The Head of State told those present that he had discussed this subject with representatives of American Jewish organizations in New York. He said 80 cult buildings had been returned to Jewish religious communities in Ukraine.

The President recalled recent batteries of Jews in Kiev. He is convinced they had been assaulted by hooligans. Yushchenko said all suspects had been arrested. He hopes the investigation will be fair.

Besides, Head of the State expressed concernment about the Ukrainians' fate abroad. Victor Yushchenko said the government wanted to solve the problem of social payments to former Soviet citizens that worked in Ukraine and now live abroad.

The President thinks legislations of different countries should be harmonized to achieve results. He informed those present he had already charged the Foreign Ministry to consider this task.

Yushchenko assured all that he personally controlled the issue. He confessed that he had discussed this problem with heads of other states “to solve it as soon as possible.”


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