My wife & I have recently returned from a six-week holiday in Ukraine.

What a bitter sweet pill we had to swallow when we returned home an several days later found out that the government was sacked.

I had been to Ukraine in December as an election observer after the debacle of the second tour!

It was a calling, to be part of history. Something inside me that my father's Ukrayina, our batkivschina was going to what she always wanted - true democracy and freedom from a socialist oligarchy.

I stood in that orange revelry - I stood in the crowds and felt the country unify - it was compelling. The people on the maidan united as one. Those emotions will remain in my memories till the day I die and beyond.

So quickly, eight months have come and gone. And now we have seen the big chop! Why was it necessary?

The feedback of many of my colleagues in Ukraine is of unbelief of what has happened. Many of them are chiding Victor Yushchenko's moves. It even seems the support of Ukraine's "new middle" class is waning from our new president.

Is it because of the charisma of an extremely charming and shrewd businesswoman, Yulia Vladimirovna Timoshenko that has presented to the population so well? Has it been the lack of foresight of our new president, Victor Andriyovych Yushchenko and his advisors?

I think it has been neither! My answer is a simple analogy.

Yushchenko's move to sack his parliament has been like an expert gardener pruning his garden. It is always sad to cut of the once beautiful blossom and branches, but the job needs to be done to improve the shape and growth for the next season. The proper time to prune is determined by the
condition. Old and neglected plants often require extensive pruning to rejuvenate them.

The mass sacking was a job that needed to be done to ensure that the new growth would be straighter and the flowers more delicate and fragrant.

Too much dead wood was present in Ukraine's parliament from the beginning. Too many of the same faces from the previous government were there only wearing a new hat or suit.

Personally, I feel Victor Andriyovych Yushchenko is an excellent gardener and the time was right to prune! Yes, it is autumn and soon to be winter. Politics is like the seasons some months are hot and some are cold.

But for my Ukrainian friends in Ukrainian, I say sit tight and stay warm because next year there will be a new spring and a new summer and Ukraine will rejuvenate - stronger and more colourful than she ever was.

There were over 12,000 observers who cared enough about Ukraine's history in December 2004 to forego Christmas with their loved ones.

Did you sit at home watching the news and wondered how you could have helped?

Did you wake up your mum or dad or your loved one and say with pride "Ukraine has a new President"!!

If you care then I invite you to come and be part of the team to give Ukraine another fair election result in March 2005.
By Member Ukrainian Diaspora
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