Together with his wife, Victor Yushchenko visited the NYC Rockefeller Center to take part in a ceremony to found the Orange Circle Public Organization, whose aim is to ensure Ukraine’s integration into the international democratic community.

In his speech, the Head of State greeted all founders of the organization and members of the Ukrainian diaspora. Recalling the Revolution, Yushchenko noted that “it was time when Ukrainians realized that there country could not live without freedom and independence.” The President said he was convinced the Orange Circle would promote the Maidan values.

Addressing Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeleine Albright, Yushchenko thanked them for supporting Ukraine’s democratic aspirations.

“On behalf of the free and independent Ukraine, I would like to express gratitude to its friends,” he said.

Before the ceremony, Yushchenko spoke with sponsors of the Orange Circle. Most of them come from Ukraine.


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