In New York, Victor Yushchenko denied Leonid Kravchuk’s allegations that his 2004 presidential campaign had been financed by Borys Beresovsky.

“I had an official fund that functioned transparently,” stressed Yushchenko.

He noted that some money had come from fans of the Orange Revolution. The Head of State also said that there were still about twenty million hryvnyas on the account that was opened to support the Maidan.

“I am grateful to all who supported our democracy,” he said.

“We had enough money because you could not see me on TV or in newspapers and halls,” continued Yushchenko. He reminded all that before being poisoned he had traveled thousands of miles all around the country to see his voters.

Yushchenko characterized the statement made by Kravchuk as a “show whose traditional aim is to destabilize the country.” He added that some politicians “become billionaires” after such events.


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