People’s Party of Ukraine (NPU) decided to start preparation for formation of People’s Bloc of Vladimir Litvin, as reported by the head of parliamentary faction NPU, Igor Eremeev.

He explained that the decision has been made during today’s meeting of party political council.

“The decision is connected with that our party receives a lot of appeals from various political forces and public organizations concerning determination of joint position and integration on the eve of parliamentary elections-2006,” said Eremeev.

At the same time, the party does not declare that exactly this bloc will take part in elections.

“We do not regard Bloc of Vladimir Litvin as election bloc… The bloc is for those who do not want confrontations,” said Oleg Zarubinsky, people’s deputy.

During the press-conference it was also mentioned that the new formed bloc will become a counterbalance to those political forces, which shatter the situation in the country now.


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