Former Chairman of Security Service of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov accuses former National Security and Defense Council Secretary Petr Poroshenko of misappropriation of a number of Moldavian enterprises.

According to Turchinov, law machinery of Moldova investigated a criminal case concerning misappropriation of Moldavian enterprises by a group of persons, which includes Poroshenko.

Turchinov declared that Poroshenko, heading the group charged with regulating Transdnestrian conflict, managed to influence hid Moldavian colleagues in order to close the case.

According to him, this case contains a crime from the point of view of Ukrainian legislation, as well as of Moldavian one.

Turchinov said that the above mentioned group transferred money from Moldova to accounts of off-shore companies.

“I have materials, delivered by deputies of Moldavian parliament, which have signatures of Petr Poroshenko as owner of off-shore companies or person empowered to act for them,” declared Turchinov.

He considers that General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine has these materials also.

“I do not understand why the accusations have not been brought against Poroshenko until now. The only thing I see is that GOPP waits for Poroshenko to get back his deputy’s mandate (in order to obtain immunity of a deputy – ed.),” declared Turchinov.

He added that he intends to follow personally the course of events concerning this question.

“I warn that if the documents disappear I will help to find them,” pointed out Turchinov.


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