Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky confirmed authenticity of payment orders, cited by Leonid Kravchuk as evidence of financing Presidential campaign of Victor Yushchenko.

At the same time, Berezovsky refused to comment on the addressee of the payment orders till Victor Yushchenko with his team react on this situation.

“Kravchuk called me yesterday and said payment orders of my companies, which financed presidential campaign of Yushchenko, appeared in Internet. I addressed my finance service and found out that these payment orders really belong to my companies, as Kravchuk said,” declared Berezovsky in a telephone interview to “Novosty-Ukraina”.

“I will not comment on the addressee and on the situation in general till Yushchenko and his team comment on this. I mean Zhvania, Tretyakov, Bezsmertny, whom I communicated with very often during all these events in Ukraine.”

“I have never hid that I supported Yushchenko and his people. First of all I supported their ideas. They addressed me often with request to use our defeat experience to achieve the result. And I helped them with pleasure,” said Berezovsky.

Russian businessman also declared that he does not want to deepen the split between Yushchenko and Timoshenko with his comments. He suspects Russian special services for organizing the scandal.


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