The president of Ablaze Productions, Leonid L. Oleksiuk, of Toronto, Canada, met in Ukraine with Volyn Oblast Governor Volodymyr Bondar and his staff in July for the purpose of finalizing an agreement with the Volyn Oblast Administration regarding the Volyn Ukrainian Song & Dance
Company's upcoming, North American Tour, slated to commence on November 1, 2005.

Mr. Oleksiuk reported to Morgan Williams, Editor of The Action Ukraine Report (AUR) that upon reviewing the proposal, Gov. Bondar agreed to support the Volyn Ukrainian Song & Dance Company's North American Tour by contributing the funds necessary to offset the cost of the airline
tickets for the 53 performers traveling to North America.

Ablaze Productions, in return, committed to help develop publicity in North America that will help generate travel and tourism for the Volyn Oblast, Mr. Oleksiuk stated.

Prior to the North America, the Company will tour Hungary for 7 days, and on January 18, 2006, the Volyn Ukrainian Song & Dance Company will travel to Oman for 30 appearances in that country.

Many experts consider this group to be one of the premiere companies in the genre of Ukrainian song and dance. The Volyn Ukrainian Song & Dance Company is known to represent Ukraine's best folkloric art and traditions wherever they perform.

Mr. Oleksiuk explained to the editor of The Action Ukraine Report (AUR) it is the goal of the Volyn Ukrainian Song & Dance Company and Ablaze Productions to make the most of these tours and the mass media coverage which accompanies such tours, to project a strong, positive image of

Using the previous experience gained in the production of the Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company's 1998 North American Tour, Ablaze Productions will utilize this experience in promoting Ukraine's top talent around the world according to Mr. Oleksiuk.


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