Boris Nemtsov, adviser to the Ukrainian president, haslaid the blame for the socioeconomic and political crisis in Ukraine on thecountry's former prime minister, Yuliya Tymoshenko.
"The main reason for what has happened lies in the fact that the Tymoshenkogovernment led Ukraine's flourishing economy into a serious economiccrisis," Nemtsov said at a news conference in Moscow on Wednesday.
"Tymoshenko created a hostile investment climate in Ukraine and themanagerial chaos in the government was without bounds," Nemtsov said. Inhis words, in the last year investment in Ukraine's economy dropped 12-fold,though everybody had expected "golden rain" from the orange revolution."The flight of capital reached 2bn dollars - this is enormous money forUkraine," the Ukrainian president's adviser said.
Nemtsov welcomed Viktor Yushchenko's decision to dismiss YuliyaTymoshenko, adding: "She should have been driven out earlier."
He called Yushchenko's decision to appoint Yuriy Yekhanurov to the postof prime minister correct. In Nemtsov's view, "this is a plus, includingfrom the point of view of Russian-Ukrainian relations". In this connectionYushchenko's adviser expressed the hope that Russian investment inUkraine's economy would increase following the dismissal of theTymoshenko government.
"I believe that Russian investment can and should flow into Ukraine,"Nemtsov said. In his words, he has already presented his proposals on theprotection of property rights and rights of investors to the Ukrainian headof state. "My corresponding draft law is currently being worked through inthe president's administration," he said.

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