In the third decade of September a wide-scale meeting of the President with leading representatives of the Ukrainian economy and system business is supposed to be held, which would result in legislative proposals with regard to creating a favorable investment climate, attraction of internal and foreign investments and raising confidence of investors in the Ukrainian State and the Ukrainian power, acting First Prime Minister Anatoliy Kinakh said to journalists.

According to him, the future forum is expected "to put a dot" over the notion "re-privatization" and "give a clear signal to business and investors that Ukraine, as an independent legal state, will never allow redistribution of ownership without the law and will further strictly counteract corruption, but not against interests of a transparent system business, which pays taxes, creates working places and ensures activities of the State", Anatoliy Kinakh said.

He underscored that the President worries over what is taking place in recent times, i.e. "division of business on own and foreign, according to political or corruption features", which had a considerable impact on the investment climate in Ukraine (rates of direct foreign investments dropped by 14 percent over recent seven months - the author's note).

The acting First Prime Minister underscored the necessity of urgent strengthening an investment component in development and modernization of the economy and inadmissibility of its further reduction with taking into consideration high social load on the State Budget.


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