Development expenses in state budget for 2006 will increase by four milliard hryvnias as compared with the last year.

As Ministry of Finance reported, the biggest state investments will be directed to development of road infrastructure.

“State budget-2006 draft bill provides for that inpayments of road fund will be directed to its needs in full volume. According to preliminary calculations, they will increase by two milliard hryvnias. Road development will assist to development of infrastructure for investment,” reads the news release of Ministry of Finance.

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance data, state budget also provides for introduction of several new programs of state support. In particular, for coal industry, housing and communal services, the agroindustrial complex it is provided means for compensation of credit percents, granted by banks. Individual programs are directed to support of aircraft industry, shipbuilding and instrument-making industry, military field.

Besides, the volume of subventions for local budgets will also be increased next year. “They will make about one milliard hryvnias and will be spent for repair and equipping of rural schools with computer technics, for maintenance and restoration of historical monuments, etc.,” reports news release.

Individual subvention will be delivered for formation of a single list of socially unprotected citizens.

In general, incomes of local budgets must increase by 6.7 milliard UAH, expenses – by nine milliard UAH. Within this, proportion of local budgets in consolidated state budget-2006 will make 46.9%.


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