It is needed to start building an artificial storehouse for nuclear waste, as reported by Chairman of State committee on nuclear regulation of Ukraine, Elena Nickolaychuk.

Presently, Ukraine has five nuclear stations, four of which are functioning. Partially waste nuclear fuel is delivered to Russia, after which Russia returns high-level waste.

According to Nickolaychuk, a part of nuclear waste of Ukrainian nuclear stations is kept in storehouses, operation term of which makes no more than 30 years. She pointed out that these storehouses can be used during seven years more, but the government should consider about long-term storehouses, e.g. for 100 or 300 years.

Similar storehouses exist in Finland, Spain, Belgium, and France. But Ukraine has not even determined an area for such storehouses.

At the same time, Nickolaychuk could not say with certainty what is more advantageous for Ukraine: to deliver waste to Russia and pay for reservation or to build storehouses on the own territory.

“To determine finally is needed to conduct corresponding calculations,” underlined Nickolaychuk.


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