In his interview to American journalists, Victor Yushchenko said he believed the political reform should harmonize all branches of power.

The Head of State noted that according to sociological surveys, two thirds of the population did not know about the essence and objectives of the reform, and so did not support it. The President thinks “citizens of Ukraine should thoroughly understand this process and analyze it,” while politicians should consider public opinion. He stressed that each change to the Constitution should be “discussed in society.”

“I am sure we should introduce the political reform consciously, for this is a very specific product that would service millions of people,” said Yushchenko.

The President also reminded those present of the dramatic times when such changes had been approved. He noted that each person involved in the political reform occasionally felt sorry this process had not been transparent.

Yushchenko thinks that the Verkhovna Rada can “analyze the reform without pressure and manipulations” after signing the Declaration for Unity and Cooperation for the Sake of the Future.


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