Victor Yushchenko, Speaker Vladimir Litvin, acting Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov and leaders of nine parliamentary groups and factions signed a Declaration for Unity and Cooperation for the Sake of the Future.

According to the Declaration, the key priority for all government institutions and politicians is to ensure the social welfare, consolidate society and promote respect for Ukraine in the world. The document confirms our devotion to democratic values to harmonize major principles and actions in the social and political sphere.

The Head of State said by signing this document “political forces assume joint responsibility for processes that ensure political, economic, humanitarian and social development in society.”

Yushchenko noted that this kind of consolidation of the political elite was typical for democratic countries to respond to political challenges.

“European and world democracies have used such a formula many times,” he stressed. “Our political aim is to see Ukraine united.”

The President added that such a “roundtable for government, opposition and society” had been helped for the first time in our history.

The Head of State urged all politicians in Ukraine to focus on their country’s development irrespective of “hot times” before the 2006 Rada elections.

“If we national values unite us, these elections cannot impede the development policy,” said the President.


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