Letter from U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman to Mr. Ivan Plachkov, Minister, Ukraine Ministry of Fuel & Energy
Dear Minister Plachkov,

Thank you for your letter regarding our cooperative efforts on the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Quantification Projects. The collaboration that has taken place over the past several years between the government of Ukraine and the United States Department of Energy on this project has been

Up to the present, the United States has invested more than $50 million in assistance funds for Ukraine. However, reduced levels of funding to the International Nuclear Safety Program recently forced the Department of Energy to reduce the scope of its assistance work. The reduction
impacted the Ukraine Nuclear Fuel Quantification Project and funding for the core reload is not currently available.

Due to the great strides made by Ukraine's nuclear energy sector in recent years, both financially and technically, we are confident that Ukraine now possesses the ability to independently pursue a
commercial agreement with Westinghouse to supply the core reload batch of 42 nuclear fuel assemblies.

We look forward to our continued cooperation and to the enhanced energy security and independence of Ukraine.


Samuel W. Bodman
[U.S. Secretary of Energy]
The Action Ukraine Report (AUR)

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