Oleg Ribachuk, new appointed State Secretary of Ukraine, reports that ex-PM of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko has resigned by her own will. This announcement has been broadcast by “Ekho Moskvy” radio-station.

“I would like to say that Yulia Vladimirovna has sent herself in resignation by her own will. That is only her decision and not the President’s. Mr. Yushchenko has always tried to save the coalition with Ms. Timoshenko as its member”.

“The conflict took place and its parties consisted of 2-3 governmental officials and 2-3 representatives of the President’s surrounding. We managed to reach the compromise and came to a mutual agreement, so 2-3 antagonists would leave the government.

According to Ribachuk, during the negotiations it has been developed “the formula of political cooperation with quotas, agreements and guarantees for the forthcoming parliamentary elections, which gives clear outlook for the next five years.”

However, next morning Yulia Timoshenko called on my cell-phone and, sobbing, told me “I can not bare it any more”. According to Ribachuk, “Yushchenko has no choice, but to accept Cabinet’s resignation.” “Otherwise, the sides will continue the conflict,” said State Secretary.


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