Constitutional Court of Ukraine has approved political reforms limiting the authority of the president.

The court on Tuesday recognized the requirements of the draft law “On introducing changes to the Ukrainian Constitution.” The reforms approved by the Ukrainian parliament, the Rada, on Dec. 8, 2004, foresees the transition to parliamentary-presidential rule in the country from presidential-parliamentary.

The reforms are aimed at strengthening the role of parliament and government by limiting the president’s authority. The government will in future be formed by a coalition of deputy factions. The prime minister, defense minister and foreign minister will be appointed by the parliament after nomination by the president or other government members.

According to the bill, the president will lose some of his powers in 2006. However, the opposition has demanded parliament’s right to form the government immediately.

The reforms are supported by the rivals of President Viktor Yushchenko, socialists, communists, social democrats and deputies of the Regions’ Party led by the ex-prime minister and Yushchenko’s rival during the last presidential elections in Ukraine at the end of 2004, Viktor Yanukovich. Yushchenko’s supporters in the parliament said they would boycott the reforms’ coming into force.


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