Dismissed Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko is going to run for a seat in parliament and for the country’s presidency separately from her “Orange Revolution” ally Victor Yushchenko, she said in an interview with Russian daily Kommersant.

Timoshenko and her supporters will act as an “independent force” during the 2006 parliamentary and 2009 presidential campaigns, although she confessed that she had earlier signed a cooperation agreement with President Victor Yushchenko.

“It was not me who made this choice (to separate)— it was the choice of Victor Andreevich (Yushchenko) made under the pressure of his inner circle,” she said. “But I have forgiven him.”

Timoshenko, fired amid allegations of corruption, said she would be unlikely to cooperate with Yushchenko in the future. “I do not belive the president will get rid of his circle, he has made a choice between the corrupt circle and the government. And the choice was made wittingly,” she told the paper.

She also dismissed the possibility of joining the team of Victor Yuanukovich, who lost to Yushchenko during last year’s disputed presidential elections, or with any other political groups.

Although the former PM is sure that her bloc will win the race for parliament, and it will allow her return to the PM’s office, she pointed out that the citizens have to decide who they want to be prime minister or president of Ukraine.


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