Former PM of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko said in an interview to journalists that she is sure of the victory of her team in March parliamentary elections and of that she will return the PM’s chair. Nevertheless, Timoshenko pointed out she would never work against President.

Yulia Timoshenko declared that her government will personify the ideals of orange revolution, as a result of which Victor Yushchenko has come to power.

Ex-PM and leader of “Batkivshchina” Party informed that the former State Secretary Alexander Zinchenko and the former vice-PM Nickolay Tomenko will be in her team.

“We invited Alexander Zinchenko to our team. He will be the main chief of our bloc and our party. I consider him a worthy man and I consider it an honour to have such person in our ranks,” said Timoshenko in an interview to “Comersant-Ukraina.”

She also reported that Nickolay Tomenko has already agreed to cooperate with her.


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