On September 11, President Victor Yushchenko took part in a ceremony to open a monument to victims of terrorism. In his speech, the Head of State stressed that Ukraine was commemorating those who died in all terrorist attacks.

“Our memory about all innocent victims is echoing in our hearts. God’s wise words that are chiseled on the monument will remind us that anybody who does evil can no longer be regarded as a human being. We have no choice but to uphold biblical virtues,” said Yushchenko.

The President condemned terrorism: “Terrorism demonstrated its beastly essence in New York, Madrid, Beslan, and London. Its aim is to make people fear to make them lose their faith in good and justice,” noted Yushchenko. He stressed that “civilized nations should unite to discover a remedy for insane hostility and discord.”

The Head of State thankedthe authors of themonument.

“This monument shows that Ukrainians cannot tolerate violence. The nation that survived mass terror, wars, famine and holocaust is immune to aggression and intolerance. We will never see such things in Ukraine!” he said.

Yushchenko added that our state was a reliable member of the anti-terror coalition, fighting against this global menace together with many countries.

Kateryna Yushchenko, State Secretary Oleh Rybachuk, First Deputy State Secretary Ivan Vasyunyk, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst, Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Victor Chornomyrdin, Kyiv Mayor Olexandr Omelchenko, Colorado State Governor Bill Owens, and President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Committee Vadym Rabinovych attended the ceremony.

The five-meter granite monument, which is created by Mykhailo Reva and Valeriy Rubshteyn, is sculpted as a split heart with a tuning fork inside. ‘You shall not kill’ is carved on its two halves in seventy languages.

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