Viktor Chernomyrdin Russian Ambassador in Ukraine reckons that Yuri Ekhanurov is the proper candidature for PM’s office.

“He is a man of his word concentrating on the result. He knows about economy, economic relations and intergovernmental ones,” pointed out Chernomyrdin.

Commenting on Ukrainian government’s dismissal, Chernomyrdin mentioned that such step of President was done according to the Constitution of Ukraine.

“President cannot and must not stand such situation. He is President that it is. I am very glad that President of Ukraine displayed courage and highlighted key points. President must not be reproached,” stated Chernomyrdin. Such plenary powers of the president are written in the Constitution of Ukraine.

Concerning Timoshenko’s speech on TV air, he said that there were “lots of surprises” for him in it.

In response to the question whether Yushchenko was right towards the government’s dismissal, Chernomyrdin stated “I think, yes. President cannot do such things without reasonable arguments.”


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