Mikhail Brodsky, former aid of PM Yulia Timoshenko, recalls his application about abeyance of his membership in party “Batkivshchina” (party of Yulia Timoshenko) and offers the party leader Yulia Timoshenko to declare about passing to opposition to Victor Yushchenko.

“President Yushchenko wittingly turned the examination of Poroshenko’s personal case into the political crisis. He supported his business-circle and sacrificed Yulia Timoshenko to ‘orange’ oligarchs. His suspended first aid Tretyakov will be returned his post after the things will settle,” declared Brodsky, as reported by his press-service.

“I call her [Yulia Timoshenko] to tell the truth in today’s broadcast, whatever it is bitter for supporters of Yushchenko and Timoshenko. I call Yulia Vladimirovna to tell honestly that Yushchenko’s circle has betrayed Maidan ideals, and that one of the terms of Timoshenko’s keeping the PM post was immediate resignation of Alexander Turchinov, head of Security Service, and Svyatoslav Piskun, Prosecutor General.”

According to Brodsky, these two offices interested Yushchenko not accidentally. “His aim was to remove independent heads of the law machinery, to replace them with more loyal persons and to make impossible the investigation of corruption accusations. When Timoshenko refused, President dismissed her,” declared Brodsky.


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