According to data from a source in Secretariat of President, acting PM Yuri Ekhanurov has got one week for formation of the new government.

Narodny Soyus “Nasha Ukraina” (People’s Union Our Ukraine), presided by victor Yushchenko, has called to form Cabinet on the command, but not coalition principle. NSNU pretends to formation of united governmental team.

During the whole night Acting PM was conducting consultations with different political forces concerning possible candidature.

Preliminary list of members of the new Cabinet (unofficial data):

  • First Vice PM – A. Kinakh
  • Eurointegration vice PM – office is abolished
  • Vice PM on humanitarian and social issues – N. Zhulinsky (early N. Tomenko)
  • Vice PM on administrative reform – office is abolished (early R. Bezsmertny)
  • Vice PM on heat-and-power engineering complex – V. Gaiduk
  • Vice PM on the agroindustrial complex – L. Kozachenko
  • Minister of Agrarian Policy – A. Baranivsky (not a final decision)
  • Minister of Internal Affairs – Y. Lucenko
  • Minister of Economy – I. Yushko (early S. Teryokhin)
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs – B. Tarasyuk
  • Minister of culture and tourism – Y. Bogutsky (early O. Bilozir)
  • Minister of Defense – A. Gritsenko
  • Minister of Education and Science – S. Nickolaenko
  • Minister of Health – N. Polishchuk
  • Minister of Environment – I. Ignatenko
  • Minister of fuel and Energy – A. Shpak
  • Minister of Labour and Social Policy – V. Kirilenko
  • Minister of Industrial Policy – V. Shandra
  • Minister of Transport – V. Pustovoitenko (early E. Chervonenko)
  • Minister of Communication – S. Dovgy (or Shevchuk)
  • Minister of Youth and Family – Y. Pavlenko
  • Minister of Finance – I. Mityukov (early V. Pinsenik)
  • Minister of Emergency – N. Martinyuk or Y. Kostenko (early D. Zhvania)
  • Minister of Justice – R. Zvarich
  • Secretary of NSDC – V. Radchenko (early P. Poroshenko)
  • Chaiman of Security Service – I. Drizhchany (early A. Turchinov)
  • Prosecutor General – V. Stretovich (early S. Piskun)
  • Chaiman of Customs Sercvice – no candidature (early V. Skomarovsky)

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