President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko made the decision about government’s dismissal Thurday morning, after the ex-vice minister Nicholay Tomenko had promulgated new accusations against power representatives.

According to data from the newspaper “Komersant-Ukraina”, Wednesday evening President Yushchenko, Yulia Timoshenko and Pert Poroshenko managed to find a compromise settlement. The agreement provided for dismissal of several Ukrainian officials, including Petr Poroshenko, but Timoshenko would keep the post of PM.

Yushchenko was supposed to speak in live broadcast at 10:30 a.m. on UT-1 TV channel.

However, at 9 a.m. Nickolay Tomenko gave the press-conference, during which he declared about his resignation and accused power representatives of corruption. President’s speech was postponed for an hour and Yushchenko worked out new position. But events were developing like a shot and speechwriters had no time to prepare the speech. Live broadcast was cancelled.

Yushchenko admitted that there is conflict between the members of his team. “My colleagues lost team spirit and trust…I must to cut the knot for the sake of Ukraine,” said President and announced about dismissal of Cabinet and Timoshenko, Pert Poroshenko and Vladimir Skomarovsky.


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