President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko stated that he would like Yulia Timoshenko and Pert Poroshenko, who were fired today, to stay in his team.

“If they can work together, if they change their behaviour, my opinion about these persons will remain unchangeable. They are important persons in the newest history of Ukraine; I respect their positions, but I make one term – the ability to work as a common team,” declared Yushchenko.

He pointed out that he does not want “the intrigues between these two persons influence the state policy in future.” “I want to separate the state power from conflicts, which continues between the persons, whom I respect,” stated President.

“They are my friends, but Ukraine’s interests are above all,” pointed out Yushchenko.

Within this, Yushchenko named the necessity” to stop the disappointment in society over the new power” as a priority goal.

In response to the question in what capacity does he see Timoshenko’s and Poroshenko’s participation in his team, Yushchenko has said “the question needs to be considered.”


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